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joão paulo Fialho

been using scid for many years by now, and i wanted to ask u about some features or things that can be improve. im using 4.6.4 version.

1. What happened to "export to html and javascript" tool?? it was a very nice tool, and i nice way to create html pages with it should have (or if it has isnt a clear way to use it) a "sparring mode" in which we can test out abilities in a study mode against an engine. For exemple, when im studying endgames (even basic ones) i would love to set a setup and try it against a strong /perfect play (an engine like stockfish). Well that can be done with "serious game" start from current position,but still its a long way...its should be a way to do it straighforward, and saying who plays white/black and time to think (3-5 seconds by default should be fine)

3. It would be nice to set diferente colors to variations according to their outcome. For exemple, when i play white it would be nice to set green to all variations that are +- , +1, and to set red on those that are -+ or -1. It would nice to see it on my files that i use to mark several variations on openings.

4. Im portuguese but no dont use brazilian_portuguese language...can i help translating it to portuguese PT_PT? Is there a translation file i can see/translate?

5. it may be a personnal taste but i prefered the toolbar on version 4.5.2 rather than the new options mode on boarder window.

 6. It should has something as "player database" in order to build a database of mygames (which i play in lichess for exemple) and work it as reportaire database...not a collections of games but something i could use as my opening database focus on printing too reports about some opening/positions, references to other positiongs games in another databases.

Well, enough for today. 
I really enjoy the scid project !!!

best regards

João Fialho

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